How to start Keto?

How to start Keto?

Like any new diet, it’s important to learn how to start keto properly. It can be a bit of a challenge to if you are unfamiliar with the diet, or haven’t done enough research yet. Luckily keto is a very easy diet to get started and stay on.

What I recommend to everyone interested in keto is to get started with a meal plan customized to your tastes and calorie needs.  Just click on the image above to get started for free. is where I recommend you get yours.  Their tool will build you a meal plan based around foods you actually want to eat. Eating on the go?  They’ve got you covered there too with keto meal guides for popular restaurants, so you’ll always have a keto option.

Now you could get a list of foods that you can and can’t eat, sort through the thousands of recipes online, and build your own plan and grocery list. If you wanted to spend the better part of a day doing all that work.

Personally, I think newcomers to keto will get a better result starting with a solid customized meal plan that’s already keto to begin with. You can build your own plan over time while starting with a solid foundation.

Just click on the image above to get a free 7 day meal plan in less than 5 minutes.