Sam’s club is one of my favorite places to shop. The savings at sam’s club are great no matter what diet you’re on, but they have some great deals for keto and low carb folks too. And there are some ways they fall short too.

Today, I’m going to list a few of the ways that Sam’s Club can help you save money while you’re losing weight with keto, and I’m going to share a few things that I think they should do better.


The first thing that sam’s club gets great is their savings on meat. I haven’t found a better place to shop for my meat than Sam’s. Whether it’s lunch meat, ground beef, pork tenderloin, frozen chicken, or ground turkey Sam’s Club has great pricing on meat. They also have the option to buy a lot at a time, so if you have room in a deep freeze and the money on hand, you can get meat by the case.

Right now, 12-12-2022, my local Sam’s club has ground turkey on sale for $3 a pound if you buy 20 pounds at a time. It’s $3.20 a pound if you buy it 5 pounds at a time. They sell pre-cooked whole rotisserie chickens for $5 each. Need some affordable pre-cooked meals? Grab one and add some veggies for a great, affordable keto option.

Dairy and eggs are another place where Sam’s club shines. Their cheeses are more affordable than my local walmart for more cheese. Eggs too. If you need a quick low carb snack, their pre-boiled eggs make a good option.

Fresh and frozen veggies are another must have from Sam’s Club. They sell grape tomatoes in 2 pound batches and it’s incredibly easy to add them to some lunch meat and cheese for a great meal.

I’ll admit I’m a bit disappointed by their canned veggies selection. I think they can do better. Yes they have a good deal on del-monte cut green beans, cheaper than walmart per can. But they are not cheaper than the great value cut green beans, so I’m going to be buying those instead.

They have a great selection of nuts and other keto snacks like beef jerky. In fact they are the only place I can find beef jerky for a decent price anymore. They tend to sell for $1 an ounce still, while most other places are $2 to $3 dollars an ounce for jerky.


Honestly, there aren’t a lot of cons to keto at sam’s club. They tend to do pretty good. So where can they do better?

Keto bread. They don’t have a good selection compared to other options like walmart, target, or kroger. They have some, but only one brand of keto bread at my local Sam’s, Orowheat, and no keto hamburger or hotdog buns. Plus only a couple of brands of low carb wraps, but those brands are 16 packs for the same price as walmart’s 8 packs.

Keto drinks are another disappointment. Yes they carry the standard assortment of diet sodas, and yes they are decently priced. But they don’t have any individual serving sized Iced Coffee that doesn’t have a bunch of sugar. If I want a quick coffee fix to drink during my commute, I’ll have to make it myself.

Frozen entrees are another area I think they should do better at. If I want a low carb microwavable meal I have to go to walmart or another store. Sam’s club just doesn’t carry any frozen entrees that don’t have bread. At least not at my local club. Don’t even get me started on the frozen breakfasts selection.

So there you have it. The pros and cons of eating keto at Sam’s Club. Is it possible. Yes! I did for a few months, and still do. I only get a few things at walmart anymore liked canned veggies. But it’s not easy to make it you’re only place to shop if you’re doing keto or low carb. Get the basic at Sam’s but you’ll probably have to keep a separate list for another supermarket.